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Types of represented entities

No.Type of EntityTop-Level Term
1.Material entity which is synthesized, characterized and distinguished at the nanoscale (1-100) nm size rangeNanomaterial
2.Material entity which is distinguished at the molecular levelMolecular Structure
3.Material entity which is part of a cell or its extracellular environmentCellular Component
4.Physical site in a material entityMaterial Site
5.Surface of material entityMaterial Boundary
6.Quality or property inhering in a material entityQuality
7.Role of material entity at the molecular levelMolecule Role
8.Stimulus for activating the function of a nanoparticleStimulus for Nanoparticle Function
9.Response to stimulusNanoparticle Response To Stimulus
10.Tumor targeting methodTumor Targeting
11.Function of molecular entity that is realized as a processMolecular FunctionAntineoplastic Activity
12.Process occurring in integrated living units such as cells, tissues, organs and organismsBiological Process
13.Process which occurs during a chemical synthesis or reactionLinkageChemical Interaction
14.Units of measurementUnit of Measurement
15.Types of characterizationsCharacterization