2008-12-09 beta

  1. added new object property "Code" with assistance from BiomedGT team - every class in NPO is given a unique identifier using the "Code" property.
  2. made Physical State, a subclass of Quality of Continuant
  3. changed "molecular structure" to "material entity" in the definition of linkage
  4. added preferred_Name for "relationship" object property
  5. entered definition for
    • osmium
    • actinide
    • lanthanide 
    • platinum 
    • polonium 
    • radium 
    • radon 
    • rhenium 
    • tantalum 
    • tungsten 
    • iridium
  6. removed multiple parents for "inner transition element"
  7. removed multiple parents for "transition element"
  8. made "metal" a defined class to classify "inner transition element and "transition element"
  9. made "carbohydrate" a defined class in order to classify "Oligosaccharide" and "Polysaccharide"
  10. re-worded definitions of object properties:  has_encapsulated_component_part, has_entrapped_component_part