Specific changes to properties

Specific changes to object properties from previous version (2009-09-28)Specific changes to annotation properties from previous version (2009-09-28)
1changed "quality_inheres_in" to "quality_of" (quality_inheres_in is a synonym of this property)
2removed inverse relation between "has_quality" and "quality_of"
3removed inverse relation between "has_function" and "function_of"
4added "or use" in the definition of "has_application"
5placed has_function, has_quality, has_role as subproperties of bearer_of
6placed function_of, quality_of, role_of as subproperties of inheres_in
7changed "describes_property" to "determines_property"
8made "has component_part" a subproperty of "derives_from"
9changed "has_function_realized_as_process" to "is_realized_in"
10modified definition of "inhibits"; use "negatively regulates" as preferred name instead of "inhibits"; made "inhibits" a synonym
11modified definition of "regulates"