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This is a middleware software project designed to
  • Provide Bioportal Open Biomedical Repositories (OBR) access to caGrid resources
  • Provide caGrid access to Bioportal Open Biomedical Repositories (OBR)
In both cases, this offers the ability to annotate and search a wide range of biomedical data resources with a large number of ontologies.  Our initial development work has focused on the caNanoLab caGrid resource and the NanoParticle Ontology.  The annotations provided by caOBR can currently be accessed through Bioportal ( or through caB2B (

This work was funded by the National Center for Biomedical Ontology through NIH grant U54 HG004028 and performed in collaboration with David Paik and Persistent Systems.

The following diagram shows the caOBR architecture:
File:CaOBR Arch.jpg

Developing a caGrid service (caOBR) around OBR

This involves developing a caGrid service to expose OBR REST-based APIs to caBIG community as a caGrid enabled analytical service

Annotating caNanoLab data

Develop a Resource Access Tool (RAT) as a part of OBR. It will fetch data from caNanoLab data service and pass it to OBR for annotation.

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caOBR poster presented at caBIG annual meeting 2009

Nathan Baker,
Mar 21, 2010, 5:06 PM